architectural and modern handmade mosaic artworks

In my latest series of mosaics I drew inspiration from observing the landscape. Not the natural, but the man-made landscape, especially the rural one where farmers have plowed the land, digged furrows, marked out boundaries, built walls and planted trees by using man’s language: that is geometry. Beautiful, spontaneous and not rigid geometries, changing according to the territory and its natural shape, drawing a completely different and poetic landscape. In aerial view it loses its material connotations, turning into an abstract geometric drawing.

I watch this territory and look into its structure, genesis, beauty. The naturalistic reproduction of the landscape doesn’t please me, I want to define geometries through abstract reading and offer a poetic synthesis in my mosaics.

I use materials with a strong evocative value of the Mediterranean landscape: GRES (soil, clay baked into kilns until it turns into hard material); STONE; VITREOUS SMALTI, green-silvered coloured like olive-trees; SOLID WOOD for the long handmade frames.

Vittorio DiLallo

Vittorio Dilallo